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Cowgirl Center Files Lawsuit Against Cache High School

Freshman Cowgirl basketball player files a lawsuit against Cache High School after an incident with the opposing team on the court.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State freshman center Jentry Holt is filing a lawsuit for negligence against Cache High School after an incident from the opposing coach's inbound play during a basketball game, according to The Daily O'Collegian. The lawsuit is filed against Cache High School basketball coach Kenny White, Cache superintendent Randy Batt, assistant superintendent Jeremy Hogan, principal Corey Holland, athletic director Lonnie Nunley and others.

Before Holt came to Oklahoma State, she was a standout player from Elgin High School. About one year ago, Holt was intentionally hit in the face with a basketball during an inbound play during a in-state rival game against Cache. Two Cache basketball players has accused their head coach, Kenny White, for designing the play, practicing it weeks before the game and forcing his players to run it. Just recently, ESPN's Outside The Lines released a special report about the incident with Cache players, families and Holt's family.

Holt is seeking damages and attorney fees for $10,000, according to The Oklahoman. Due to the incident, Holt suffered severe emotional distress, anguish, mental pain, bodily injuries and other damages, according to The Lawton Constitution.

So far this season, Holt has played in 23 games and has a total of 35 points.