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The Race for Last Place in the Big 12

Hang onto your hats folks, this is going to be a doozy

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

With Texas Tech winning their last three games, including Wednesday nights win over Oklahoma, the Red Raiders have separated themselves from the bottom dwellers in the Big 12. It's now a three team race for last place.

Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and TCU are all within a couple games of each other and all have ridiculously tough schedules ahead of them. The Wildcats are going to be underdogs in four of their next five games, but have a game lead over Oklahoma State and a two game lead over TCU. K-State also gets a chance to further themselves from TCU on March 3, when TCU heads to Manhattan.

TCU looks like the favorite to finish last, as the Horned Frogs are a mere 2-11 in conference. Yet, it seems as if TCU is lucky to have won two games. The Frogs will be underdogs the rest of the season, which includes: at Iowa State and Texas Tech, along with home matchups with Baylor and Oklahoma. If you're a betting person, put your money on TCU to finish in sole possession of last place.

Luckily for TCU, Oklahoma State isn't very good. The Pokes will most likely be without Jawun Evans the rest of the year, and Tyree Griffin won't be at 100 percent this saturday. Oklahoma State will look to spoil Texas Tech's chance at the NCAA tournament Saturday when the Red Raiders travel to Stillwater. The Cowboys fell in the waning moments to Texas Tech in overtime back in early February, but without Evans, OSU is a completely different team. Oklahoma State still has trips to Norman, and Ames, while West Virginia and Texas will close out the regular season.

This season has been tough to say the least, but hang in there Cowboys fans. It's almost baseball season, and the future of OSU basketball is oh so bright.