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Cowboys Offer Bama Running Back Commit

Mike Gundy doesn't care if you have committed to play for Nick Saban.


OSU has apparently offered a scholarship to the No. 1 player in the state of Mississippi. That's right. Mike Gundy has offered a scholarship to 2017 Alabama running back commit Cam Akers.

Akers, a four-star prospect from Clinton, MS, is the No. 1 recruit in his state and the No. 35 overall recruit nationally in the 2017 class. I like ballzy Gundy.

It's a long shot. Okay. It's probably more than a long shot.

But, just for the sake of conversation, let's look at Akers.

Akers is a 5-foot-11.5, 210-pound prospect per 247 Sports, who is being recruited as a running back. The most important thing to remember is that he is a quarterback.

Alabama apparently plans on playing Akers at tailback. But what if (this is all speculation) Gundy plans to offer him a QB role?

Akers is big-time. He got real playing time as a freshman, throwing for 881 yards and seven touchdowns and rushing for 684 yards and four touchdowns. Well, let's just say he's gotten better.

Two years later, as a junior, Akers threw for 2,331 and 20 touchdowns against eight interceptions and rushed for 1,418 and 16 touchdowns (averaging almost 8.40 yards per carry). His completion percentage was around 56% which isn't great but the pure volume of offense speaks for itself.

As a junior QB, Akers rushed for 1,418 yards... In Mississippi. Oklahoma State signed a 2016 scholarship running back who rushed for just over 800 yards his senior season.

So back to my point about him being a QB. (Again, this is speculation. I have no inside information.) But what if Gundy offers him the chance to play quarterback?

This is still a huge long shot. But what's one thing we know about OSU (specifically Gundy)? He doesn't normally spend time chasing stars. If he doesn't feel like he can get someone, he's not wasting any time recruiting them.

Who knows? Maybe Akers wants to play QB somewhere. Maybe not. It will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.