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CRFF QotW: What are Realistic Expectations for Cowboy Basketball this Season?

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Fleming: So for this question of the week, what are your expectations for this season now that we know this team a bit more? NIT? Tourney (lol)? Crash and burn?

Kyle Cox: We are mid-crash and burn...

Gallgaher Swift: I'd be content with the NIT or CBI. Hell, I'd even make the trip to Stillwater if we got a home game.

Matthew Mino: Seeing that Texas Tech is listed in Lunardi's next four out, and comparing our resume to theirs, I still haven't ruled out the tourney.

Thomas Fleming: But would others though? I mean, is it more embarrassing to be in the NIT or to just disappear into irrelevancy going into the offseason.

Matthew Mino: These next four games will be crucial and I believe that winning three of the four at least puts OSU into the conversation. Despite this, I see OSU as a top half seed in the NIT. Still a lot of tough road games ahead.

Gallagher Swift: Olivier deserves a chance to start.

Gerald Tracy: He can't defense very well.

Gallagher Swift: If we had a better team, he'd be a great seed coming off the bench but we don't have the luxury.

Cameron Osburn: All I know is from what I've seen, he has a pretty polished low post game, which is something no one else on this team has. This team also struggles mightily at times to score. So I'm not sure why they don't start him and see what happens?

Thomas Fleming: Could Olivier and Evans' performance save Ford's job for another year?

Gerald Tracy: Jawun and Phil may be enough.

Robert Whestell: No. You've ruined the beautiful zen place I was in.

Gerald Tracy: I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he stayed.

Nathan Hymel: We just aren't a basketball team anymore. If we were then he would already be gone. OSU basketball may never be what it was with whoever comes in here next.

Cameron Osburn: Doesn't mean hovering around .500 is in any way acceptable. But y'all are right he needs more time as Boone says. Eight years isn't enough.

Nathan Hymel: Making the tourney three straight years isn't bad. But Holder has gotten a free pass on this whole situation. Who signs someone to a 10 year extension after winning one tournament game?

Nathan Hymel: I did some research for my article. Travis Ford is making more money than Roy Williams.

Cameron Osburn: Getting embarrassed in the first round every time when he had numerous top level players and two NBA players on two of those teams is actually pretty bad. What are we going for here as a program? Oh, we beat Kansas once a year, rush the court, make the tourney as an 8-11 seed and lose...Really? No. Bring someone who can both recruit and develop talent. And then if we still are a mediocre program, that is when I'll accept that it will never get back to what it was.

Thomas Fleming: So what happens if they do well in, say, the NIT?

Matthew Mino: I don't think anyone has any idea.