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Scouting Report: Tramonda Moore

New Oklahoma State commit Tramonda Moore is one of the most talented offensive lineman coming out of high school this year. Considering how much OSU's O-line struggled this year, Moore will have a chance to come in and contribute right away. Here are his strengths and weaknesses, accompanied with footage from


Moore has excellent size for an incoming freshman, weighing in at 6'6, 350 pounds. The mammoth offensive tackle was able to bully undersized defensive lineman at the high school level, but that doesn't mean that he isn't without talent. Moore has exceptional strength and he uses his large frame to his advantage.

He plays until the whistle blows. Moore will pancake a defensive lineman and keep him down until the play is completely over. He did not give up on a play when he came in for the defensive line, and he has the same mentality on the offensive line.


In case you didn't get the message, watch Moore destroy a helpless defender here, just like he did in the previous gif:


Moore uses angles efficiently. When he was the "pin" man on a pin and pull, he would use his big body to completely blow the opposite defensive lineman off his feet. Not only can he down block from multiple angles, but he can also use the angles that he makes with his body as a major asset.


Moore is a surprisingly solid puller. While Oklahoma state does not use many pin and pull schemes with the tackle, Moore has deceptively quick footwork and is able to get to the perimeter and still seal the edge. This directly translates to a zone blocking scheme as well, as Moore can operate on the second level just as well as he can on the first.


Moore's big frame makes it difficult for a defensive lineman to speed rush around him, and his sheer power makes it almost impossible for an end to straight bull rush him. While the majority of his highlights were on run blocking, one could imagine how Moore could excel as a large pass blocker.



Moore is 350 pounds, so there is no doubt that at least a small portion of that is unneccessary weight. Once Moore sheds all of that baby fat through Rob Glass' strength and conditioning program, Moore can turn that weakness into a strength by converting that fat into muscle. They just need to make sure that he's ready to play in a fast-paced, true Big 12 offense.

Any big man can always work on his footwork in the pass blocking game. Moore did not play on a team that threw a whole lot, so pass blocking will be a focus in the coming years for Moore to become a complete tackle.

Grades have been an issue for Moore, and many believed that he was headed to the JUCO route after initial reports stated that his grades weren't good enough to go to a D-I school. Moore will need to focus on his academics so that he can keep making an impact on the field.


Moore is by far the best offensive line recruit to come to OSU in a long time, maybe since Russell Okung. Moore has excellent run blocking skills, which can immediately help a team who struggled on the ground last season. By his sophomore or junior season, don't be surprised if Moore receives both conference and national recognition as one of the best lineman in the country.