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Big 12 As Pokemon

This hurts, guys.

So the mothership did this awesome thing where they take all 129 schools and make them into Pokemon. Well obviously this is cool and for the most part, pretty accurate and funny. But then I ran into a few problems.

Tulsa is Magneton. I don't understand how it works. Here's how it reads.

Tulsa: An electric, high-energy program that folks tend to overlook? Could be Magneton, a mechanical electric Pokemon.

Then I went to the Big 12. Where Oklahoma State is called baby Oklahoma (who was compared to Nidoking), so they gave the Cowboys Nidorino.

Sure, that's cool and all, I guess. But how does Baylor get Pikachu, the icon of the Pokemon world, when OSU gets stuck with the evolution of a poison-type that often gets left behind anyway. The rest of the Big 12 are as follows:

  1. Oklahoma - Nidoking
  2. Baylor - Pikachu
  3. Iowa State - Tangela
  4. Kansas State - Kabuto
  5. TCU - Kabutops
  6. Texas - Dragonite
  7. Texas Tec - Primeape
  8. WVU - Magmar
Oklahoma State is easily No. 9 in these Pokemon power rankings. Kansas is default No. 10 for two reasons. One, it's comparing the football teams to these Pokemon and two, they gave Kansas Wario because they're good at a whole other game but not this one.

Even Iowa State got someone better. As OSU fans, which one do you think the Pokes should be? The others got a pretty fair shake to be honest, and of course you can always golook at all the other teams here (as you should) but let us know because this is highway robbery. We live in a world where Tulsa has a better Pokemon as Oklahoma State.