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"Bring Doug Home Campaign" Takes The Internet

Ford isn't even out yet and the campaign has started. Guess it is just like the presidential race.

It's become widely speculated that former Oklahoma State Cowboy guard Doug Gottlieb is the favorite to take over the coaching job at OSU after Ford possibly leaves.

At least, it is among the fans.

Although there has been no official word from anyone, it seems the #BringDougHome campaign has taken off in the late hours of Monday night. It all started with this button.

A cryptic tweet was then sent out by @OSU_Students, who changed their name to #BringDougHome; the tweet was soon deleted.


Not long after, this video was released on Youtube.

The video was released along with the one below. The pair of videos seem to be the first part of the new campaign for Gottlieb to become OSU's next head coach.

The video was published on the OSU Student Section's Youtube page. While this seems to only be a student-led campaign, it is excellently coordinated nonetheless. Whether or not it will prove true is yet to be seen, but it is worth keeping an eye out for.