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Where in the World Will Emanuel Ogbah be Drafted?

Emanuel Ogbah may be the most intriguing player on the board in the 2016 NFL draft class due to his wide range of draft projections.

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We all watched and witnessed Emanuel Ogbah's dominance over the last two seasons. In His sophomore year, Ogbah recorded 11 sacks, and 17 TFL. He added 12.5 more sacks in 2015 claiming the Big 12's co-defensive player of the year.

But some mock draft experts aren't so sold on the 6-foot-4 270 pound beast.

Ogbah ranges from a mid-first round pick to a mid-second round pick, where Bleacher Report's Matt Miller currently has him going No. 42 overall to the Miami Dolphins. Yet why is Joey Bosa a consensus top 10 pick when he finished the season with only FIVE sacks vs. Ogbah's 12.5. Is it because he's from Ohio State?

Chris Roling B/R No. 24 Cincinnati
Matt Miller B/R No. 42 Miami
Bucky Brooks No. 30 Carolina
Mel Kiper ESPN No. 30 Carolina
Todd McShay ESPN Second round
Peter Schrager Fox Sports No. 16 Detroit
Rob Rang CBS Sports No. 30 Carolina
Chad Reuter No. 44 Oakland

On Ogbah's draft profile, you can see his strengths and weaknesses listed by scouts. You may like me laugh at a few of them that are just ridiculous.

"Ogbah's power will serve him well against the run, but he will have to become more skilled as a pass rusher" -Lance Zierlein

Well Mr. Zierlein does back-to-back years of leading the Big 12 in sacks with 11 and 12.5 respectively, not qualify as a skilled pass rusher?

Just wait, it gets better.

"He doesn't even play hard all the time. If you are going to be the hulk, then play hard all the time." -NFC area scout.

I'm not making this stuff up, and I also have no idea what this scout is talking about. Ogbah has one of the best work ethics of any prospect in 2016. He's widely regarded as one of the hardest workers at OSU.

This scout fails to realize Ogbah has had to work hard from the start. Ogbah wasn't highly recruited like most players. He had only two other power five scholarship offers. (Arizona and Iowa State) He fails to realize that Ogbah has added 35 pounds to his frame to get where he is today.

With the NFL combine this weekend it's clear that Emanuel Ogbah will have to turn some heads to solidify his status as a first-round pick. And with his drive and motivation, I think he can do it.

I get it that Ogbah may not be a consensus first-round pick, but you cant argue with his production, motor and work ethic on or off of the field.

Whoever takes him won't regret it.

So where will Emanuel Ogbah end up?

Mock drafting might just be the toughest thing in all of sports to predict. Well, outside of the Cleveland Browns ruining a quarterback's career in the first-round every other year.

Let's look at the Carolina Panthers who have the No. 30 pick in the draft. Jared Allen is retiring and Charles Johnson will be playing on a contract year in 2016. It's all about adding depth here at a position that needs it.

Pair Ogbah with an emerging talent in Kony Ealy on the other side, and you have a dominant pass rush for the foreseeable future. An already elite defense gets even scarier.