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Baseball Expectations & Football Signees

The staff shares our expectations for OSU baseball and Mike Gundy's latest recruiting class.


1) What would be a disappointment for Cowboy baseball? Missing the Regionals? Missing Omaha?

2) If you had to pick between one more year with Travis Ford or 10 more years without a new baseball stadium, which would you choose?

3) Which incoming football recruit do you give the best chance of contributing early?

Enjoy and gives us your answers below.


1) It would be a disappointment if they didn't win either the conference championship or the conference tourney. I also want them to get to at least the Super Regional, but I have very high expectations.

2) Screw the stadium. #BringDougHome.

3) I'm going to say the offensive line recruits will have the most impact. There are a lot of skill position players, but the O-Line will impact immediately. If I had to limit it to one name I'd probably say Larry Williams or Tramonda Moore.


1) This is the year Oklahoma State baseball needs to break through. It would be disappointing if we didn't them win the Big 12.

2) I'm with Thomas. Screw the stadium.

3) Tramonda Moore and Shane Richardson look physically ready to compete at this level. So does Larry Williams from Hutch Community College. Offensive line will be the best position for people to start immediately.


1) Missing the Regionals would be a disappointment. I think a trip to Omaha is a realistic expectation with the talent the Pokes have coming back.

2) I'm going to give the unpopular answer and say I'd rather have ONE year of Ford. The baseball program has been gracious and patient, but they deserve it. Come on guys, ten years??

In all seriousness, it's not that easy of a decision for me.

3) I think Wudtee may have a sneaky chance to play a J.W. Walsh role as a true freshman if Gundy and Yurcich are not completely sold on the running game turnaround. I'm not sure they wouldn't slip him in anyway just to add another wrinkle. My more obvious choice would be Larry Williams, but I don't want to agree with these guys.