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LISTEN: Bedlam, Ford, WVU and More

We started a Periscope feed. Every Thursday, you can join the conversation.

We did a thing!

Cowboys Ride For Free started a Periscope broadcast on Wednesday night for Bedlam.

If you're not familiar with Periscope, it is a one-way video feed where the host talks, and you, the viewer, sends questions, comments, concerns, etc.

If you didn't get a chance to listen last night, we held another one this afternoon. Starting today, every Thursday at 3 P.M., you can catch Cade Webb hosting the broadcast. Don't fret though, if you don't get to listen live, we will post the conversation here at the conclusion of the broadcast every Thursday.

We discuss a range of topics on the broadcast. For example, last night during Bedlam, we found out where Cherryvale, KS is. We also talked Cowboy Football, and a little Cowboy baseball.

In today's feed, we discussed that scorching column from Jason Elmquist of the Stillwater News Press. We talked Bedlam and Ryan Spangler doing Ryan Spangler things. We also talked Travis Ford, Doug Gottlieb, and the upcoming West Virginia game on Saturday.

You can listen to today's broadcast here.

Give it a listen, and give us your feedback in the comments below.