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Nyc Burns Officially Signs With Oklahoma State

Preferred walk-on quarterback Nyc Burns is officially going to go to Stillwater, so maybe he'll stop getting calls.

Over the past few months, Nyc Burns has begun to catch fire on the recruiting trail. Although he hadn't gotten any of the "huge" schools to bid, he's been courted by the likes of New Mexico State, Nevada and even received a call from Boise State.

Today though, Burns made it official that he would be a Cowboy, despite the fact there is no promise of a scholarship right away. I spoke with Burns on that and more.

"OSU is 100 percent my home away from home," Burns said. "They offer the best facilities and who would turn down an awesome coaching staff?"

It's not unheard of for players to do this, especially for Oklahoma State, where plenty of PWO's have been and will be at next year.

Burns said that there were plenty of reasons he wanted to join the Cowboys on the hunt for a Big 12 championship but when asked what his first three reasons were "... feels like home, they have the best facilities, the coaching staff is great and I'm already good friends with commits in my class and current players."

Burns finished his first year as a high school starter with more than 2,800 yards and 35 passing touchdowns coupled with his 11 on the ground. He will be arriving on campus around June 1, and unlike some kids straight out of high school, he knows what he wants. Burns said he will get a general business degree and later start a small masonry company. He also isn't afraid to say what he wants and that the preferred walk-on label is only helping.

"As a PWO my intensity to get to work has only multiplied," Burns said. "My fellow PWO's feel the exact same and we are going to grind hardcore. I'm going to work my tail off. I'm going to be an NFL quarterback."