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CRFF Roundtable: Signing Day

The staff discusses Signing Day and, "Oh yeah, there's a basketball game today".

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
1) Any bold predictions for signing day?
2) What's your prediction for Texas Tech?
3) The Cowboys look to finish ranked in the low 50's nationally in recruiting. Your thoughts, whatever they may be:

As always, thanks for reading and leave us your answers below.


1) No

2) Bad defense.

3) An unknown recruit shows up big, a 4-5 star recruit gets kicked off the team.


(Disclaimer: Obviously, Thomas submitted his prior to Tuesday night's news. Admit it. You probably thought the same.)

1) Moore chooses OU and Wudtee chooses TCU. Hope it isn't true, but it makes sense.

2) OSU loses by less than 10, and keeps it relatively close for the entirety of the game. They play poorly, though, as they usually do on the road.

3) For OSU, that's pretty good I guess. I don't think that Gundy & Co. is necessarily worried about getting a highly-ranked recruiting class. Let's just see what they do with it.


1) Keondre Wudtee, Calvin Bundage and Audie Omotosho will all be Cowboys tomorrow, which would be a pretty strong finish to a weak recruiting class.

2) OSU wins 77-74.

3) For OSU, that's not very good at all. Gundy may not be worried about it, but it should definitely be a cause for concern. It does make some sense OSU is having a drop off after the 7-6 season. Next year will be very telling if we can't capitalize off of a Sugar Bowl appearance.


1) I can't see anything more dramatic than Moore's signing, but I'll predict that it inspires a couple of on-the-fence guys to commit to OSU. That sounds good, right?

2) OSU loses by 12 but were down big early and came back to within four. Unfortunately, they're on the road and don't have enough firepower to overcome their historic road inadequacy under Ford.

3) It's not good. But they're ranking will go up some with Moore and if they have a good surprise or two tomorrow. The Pokes aren't completely reloading this year and going more for need, which plays a part. That sounds like an excuse, which it is. But it's still kind of true. So, yeah, not good. I still think a big issue is the perception of the Big 12 along with OSU not being a "blue blood" in the league.