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It's a whole new low - Oklahoma State falls to TCU

Weird how a few years ago this team had a lottery player.


Tonight's match up included the bottom two Big 12 teams, the only ones with losing records.

It was very clearly that - as Oklahoma State and TCU both looked the part in the opening minutes.

It didn't get any better either. As the Cowboys literally tried so hard they couldn't hold on to the ball, the Horned Frogs couldn't make a basket. Nothing was working and at one point the Cowboys turned the ball over nine out of 10 drives. The only good stat coming out of this game midway through the first half was that somehow, they were hovering around 50 percent shooting from the field.

It got this bad.

Somehow though, the Horned Frogs allowed the Cowboys to escape the first half with not just the lead, but a six-point lead at 25-19.

The second half was better for TCU, as they started off on fire, shooting 9-of-11 from the field. Although the Cowboys were also shooting well - 7-of-11 - they couldn't help but fall behind. By the 7:39 mark, the Cowboys had found them down to a team that shouldn't be in the game by a score of 50-42. It was ugly.

Puppy Monkey Baby ugly.

How ugly was it going to get from there? So bad that the Cowboys gave the Horned Frogs their first double-digit lead in conference play this season when they took a 54-42 lead with about five minutes left. The struggles continued as TCU began to assert its dominance and the Cowboys continued to miss open field goals or get blocked.

Then, just after that block, there was something. Whatever it was, whether that be a spark of life or just someone lighting a cigarette in the nearly-empty Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena, the Pokes were able to make it as close as a five-point lead with 1:10 left in the game.

With 48.9 seconds left, Parrish made a fade away jumper to make it a three-possession game. OSU wouldn't be able to foul the Horned Frogs into a loss and would fall 63-56 and now the two share the bottom of the conference.


  • I really don't think there's an excuse for this. They didn't shoot terribly. The Cowboys just aren't good. They can't hold onto the ball. They can't make baskets under the basket.
  • Post game is so bad, it's not even decently exciting to watch.
  • Turnovers were more of a story tonight than they were in the super bowl.
  • The fact Olivier isn't starting right now would be taken as a sign of tanking if this was the NBA.
  • As I write this, OSU is losing with under four minutes remaining and this hurts more.
  • I don't care about excuses. Saying they try hard doesn't put wins in the column.
  • This is rock bottom.