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Opinion: Cowgirls Deserve Attention and Respect

Just face the fact that men's basketball just hit rock bottom. But the Cowgirls are a NCAA tournament team that can go far the rest of the season and possibly postseason.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The time to finally give this team respect and attention is now.

Last month, Oklahoma State upset Baylor then faced a blowout loss to Texas, following with two heartbreaking losses to Iowa State and Kansas State.

That was probably enough to spark fuel and fire for this Cowgirl basketball team to go on a five-game win streak. A year ago, the Cowgirls were 3-7 and were in the conversation of getting left out for the NCAA tournament before a late streak helped them barely get in. Fast forward to a year later, OSU got a huge upgrade as they are now 18-4, 8-3 in conference, have a potential Big 12 Player of The Year player on the team, Brittney Martin, and swept Oklahoma for the first time since 1998.

Despite all of the success so far this season, there's one thing that needs to improve and its the home crowd. From the past years, the average crowd at a home game is about 2,000 to 4,000 people. The best home attendance crowd that this team got was in 2008 for a sold-out bedlam and in 2012 when the Cowgirls played in the WNIT Championship Game. Since men's basketball is not going to get any better, the Cowgirls is Oklahoma State's last hope for basketball this season and this group of girls have been the surprise team in the Big 12. There are four home games left this season and fans can still have a chance to watch this group play for a cheap price - instead of sitting at home complaining about the mens team.

As a member of Spirit Band, I have watched this group play throughout my time and they always entertain and played hard on the court. So give this group a chance, they are a special group of girls and this might be the best team this program has had during its history.

Speaking of postseason, here are predictions (note: this was written before Bedlam and there's a good chance that it will change)

NCAA Tournament Bracket Watch

ESPN Charlie Crème: Tucson, Arizona at a 7 seed against Green Bay. Winner plays Arizona State

College Sports Madness: Louisville, Kentucky as a 6 seed against Nebraska. Winner plays Louisville