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CRFF QotW: What Was the Best Uni Combo of 2015?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Fleming: OK, so for this edition of Question of the Week, I would like to know what your favorite uniform combination from 2015 was. Oh, and least favorite, if you want to add that as well.

Thomas Fleming: For me, I would have to say that my favorite would be a tie between TCU and TTU and my least favorite would be WVU, only because I wanted them to go gray-white-gray really badly. But they eventually did that against ISU, and I loved it.

Cameron Osburn: WVU least favorite, TCU favorite.

Gallagher Swift: Favorite goes to TTU and least favorite goes to Bedlam. I just didn't like the black, orange, orange for some reason.

Kyle Cox: I loved the helmets for homecoming. Those were the retro OSU, right? I'll need to look at them all again. I actually like the gray. I know I'm in the minority.

Gallagher Swift: The helmets for homecoming were definitely my favorites too.

Kyle Cox: 1 KU (homecoming), 2 Central Arkansas...Least favorite was Bedlam.

Thomas Fleming: I love the gray for one. I think they need to bring it back for my generation.

Nathan Hymel: Didn't like the West Virginia unis. Favorite was Baylor. Love the orange chrome Pete helmet.

Thomas Fleming: Also, I say they go full-on throwback. Like, get actual throwback threads from the Barry Sanders days.

Kyle Cox: 80s and 90s throwback OSU brand would be unbelievable.

Gallagher Swift: I would go crazy for a 90s throwback but I miss having some consistency in the unis. 2012-2013 was the best year for uniforms, in my opinion.

Kyle Cox: I have to say the current unis have grown on me. I'd be okay with continuing to swap combos and introducing new helmets a couple times a year.

Gallagher Swift:

Please bring these back. Possible all-time favs.

Thomas Fleming: ...Really? You don't think they look like traffic cones?

Cade Webb: The all-black with the new helmet against TCU was by far my favorite. My least favorite was easily Bedlam. I don't care for the black-orange-orange.

Thomas Fleming: I actually like the B-O-O. I think it looks sharp. But every time they've worn it something bad happened (Lunt injury 2012, Bedlam loss 2015).

Gerald Tracy: Neither do I, Cade. Either go all-black or all-orange.

Cameron Osburn: I liked K-State white-black-white was a pretty clean look to me.

Thomas Fleming: I like when they mix and match, personally. It's also more attractive to recruits.