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Cowboys Ride For Free Tournament Challenge

Come one, come all to the CRFF Tourney challenge.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State isn't going to make the tournament.

It's a fact, one that many Cowboy fans have known for a while, probably. However, that isn't completely bad. Because now instead of joining tournament pick 'em leagues and making your mandatory "OSU Wins It All" bracket, you can actually try to pick teams without bias!

CRFF is hosting one just for you. To join, go to Yahoo! and search for the pool "Cowboys Pick For Free" or click on this link at the bottom of the page. The group is private as to keep from random people to join, but if you're reading this you'll know the password is...


Here are some other things:

There is a prize

It's not a big one, but it's a prize. It won't exceed the Oklahoma State win total - so it'll be $12 most after tax. But it's still a prize, which is still awesome, we think. So join now, as the last day/time is March 17 at 12:15 p.m. EDT.

The rules are here...


Good luck!