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Oklahoma State Gets New Uniforms And Everything

Oh, and you thought the white chrome was cool.

Oklahoma State already had enough uniform combinations for football.

Or so you thought.

The school has created a new plethora of combos with these uniforms released today by the Oklahoma State athletic department. The uniforms were first alluded to by the athletic department on Twitter Wednesday afternoon:

While the Cowboys have unveiled new bits and pieces of uniforms over the years, specifically helmets and helmet decals, this is the first complete overhaul since 2011. With that Nike rebranding project, the Cowboys initially had 36 possible combinations. Over time, OSU has added an orange and orange chrome helmet, new decals and numerous accessories.

But now, in 2016, they have taken new uniforms to the next level with today's unveiling.

The school has been working with Nike, where representatives took a trip up to Oregon. Sources say that Nike had a lot of changes planned, but the school wanted to remain somewhat similar, hence the uniforms released today.

This brings the possible combinations for Oklahoma State football to even more than before.. It'll be interesting to see what they do with them. It should be believed that the school is still holding back some combinations and/or helmets just as they have done before, so this may not be the full extent of what we will see next season (see special helmets/jerseys used in games like homecoming).

For an in-depth look into the uniform design, read our breakdown here.

Do you like the new uniforms? What would you like to see the Cowboys wear this season?