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An In-Depth Look at OSU's New Uniforms

Photo Courtesy of OSU Athletics
Photo Courtesy of OSU Athletics

The Oklahoma State Cowboys unveiled new uniforms Wednesday afternoon, and their new rebranding effort features a slew of different features and intricacies. All of the photos used in this article were taken by OSU Athletics. For their full gallery, click here.

The Cowboys first officially unveiled their uniforms on Snapchat, but soon released a video on Youtube. The new kit's theme is "evolve", as was explained by OSU Athletics' original tweet before the unveiling.

The helmets seem to be relatively the same from last year, although this season will most likely predominantly use chrome the most. The base shells for the season will be whiteblack and orange chrome.

It isn't all chrome, though. They did indicate that they will mix up the look of the helmet with features like a white facemask:


And the return of the black OSU logo:

Black OSU Logo

And don't worry, traditionalists. They still left room to use their main OSU helmet decal as well:

OSU logo

The jerseys feature a new number and letter template, featuring stylized jagged points and a contrasting outline that makes the numbers pop. The design is supposed to represent barbed wire, a motif that was featured in the Cowboys' last uniform template.

The jerseys themselves are quite simple, scrapping the barbed wire shoulderpad design for a cleaner approach. Each jersey has a number of intricate features stitched into the collar and sleeves. The collar notably features Boone Pickens Stadium:

And the trim features a number of different graphics, including the number of former OSU running back Barry Sanders:

The collar designs are supposed to represent the standard bandana of a Cowboy. Here's a close-up look at what the collar looks like :

The collar features the OSU logo within a silver star design in the middle. This is on all of the jerseys:

Each of the jerseys feature the new Nike Mach Speed stitching with the part down the middle and the breathable mesh on the sides of the jersey.  The different jerseys that the Cowboys unveiled feature white:


And black:

The black jerseys have a special feature, as the numbers have a unique reflective outline:

The pants have a Cowboys watermark on the side:

Here's a closer look at it:

The gray Cowboys watermark appears on the white, black and orange pants. An alternate gray pant features a white watermark; the presence of gray could allude to more use of gray in the future.

The kit also features accessories, including gloves like these:

And these:

And even doo rags like these:

Don't forget the stellar modeling job of notable Cowboy alumni Dan Bailey, Dez Bryant and Brandon Weeden. It was awfully cool to see them in a Cowboy uniform once again, albeit a different-looking one.

Finally, here is an extended look into the design of the Cowboys' new threads:

Needless to say, the Cowboys will be once again playing with style this season, although their look vastly differs from that of 2015. Unveilings like this just make us more excited for the 2016 college football season.