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NCAA Tournament Coaches Weigh in on Doug Gottlieb's Candidacy

The #BringDougHome movement has made it further than Oklahoma State could, the NCAA tournament.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

John Hoover of The Franchise in Tulsa posted an article where several coaches who were on hand in Oklahoma City for the NCAA West Regional were asked about Doug Gottlieb's candidacy for the recently vacated head coaching position at Oklahoma State.

Seemingly, there were views from both sides.

"I would think it would be very difficult," Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy said. "Although, Doug’s been around the game in different ways, with his dad’s involvement in the AAU programs and him being around the game working in the media side of it. It’s a little bit different than most true media guys walking into the profession."

Here's OU head coach Lon Kruger.

"Those opportunities are rare," Kruger said. "If you can get it, sure, that’s fantastic. Yeah, more power to him."

And here's a quote from Hoover in the article.

...If Gottlieb really wants to be head coach at Oklahoma State, maybe his best path is to step away from the sweet gig he has with CBS and bite the financial bullet and go apply for an assistant’s job somewhere.

Here's a link to the complete article.