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Holder Speaks on New Head Coach

Mike Holder named three things he was looking for in a coach, Brad Underwood had them all.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It's official. No more reports, no more sources, no more Bring Doug Home tweets (sorry).

Brad Underwood is the official coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboy basketball team. Here's the quote from Holder on the hire from the official release.

"I named three things that I was looking for in the new head basketball coach at Oklahoma State: character, coaching style and fit," [Mike] Holder said. "Brad Underwood gets the highest marks in each of those categories. He played in the Big Eight for Jack Hartman, a disciple of Henry Iba. He has coached and recruited in the Big 12, and has been very successful as a head coach in one of our prime recruiting grounds in the state of Texas. K-State is a sister institution with Oklahoma State in a lot of ways, so anyone who graduates from there and lives in Manhattan is probably going to connect quickly with our fans and our people. And as for character, everyone around him speaks of him as the great friend, father and person he is. In my opinion, Brad Underwood is going to be a great fit for Oklahoma State."

This is a huge get for Oklahoma State as it is in considerably the hardest conference in the country. Follow the link above for the full release from OSU and look at this awesome graphic.