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Doug Gottlieb Direct Messages Fan on Twitter

The former point guard and current CBS analyst was passed over for Brad Underwood on Monday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State has found their new head coach.

Brad Underwood, formerly the Head Coach at Stephen F. Austin, was announced as the new head man for the Cowboys on Monday evening. The hire was met with excitement from most, and the chagrin of some.

Doug Gottlieb, former OSU point guard, was open about his desire for the job from the very beginning. From podcasts to radio appearances, Gottlieb's candidacy verged on a full-fledged campaign. On Saturday night, Gottlieb messaged an OSU fan who was open about his reservations against Gottlieb being the man for the job. It should be noted that this conversation took place Saturday, two days before Underwood's hiring on Monday.

It should also be noted that the fan, Gaylan Towle, made the conversation public by tweeting out screenshots soon after receiving the message from Gottlieb.

Here is the conversation that was tweeted to CRFF: