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CRFF Roundtable: A New Hire

Can Brad Underwood win the presser? the fans? your vote? It's all about the first part... Win.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
1)      What is your overall feeling on the hire?
2)      In your way-too-early prediction, over/under on ten Big 12 wins next season.
3)      What is the first thing Brad Underwood needs to do, once he is settled in Stillwater?

Leave us your answers below.


1. Moderately excited.

2. .500

3. Start recruiting good players that won't pee out of the window of moving vehicles.


1. I'm excited. Holder didn't overthink it, and the right guy was hired for the job.

2. I'd say slightly under. I think the roster as constructed and assuming health can get into the NCAA tournament.

3. Find a JUCO/senior transfer center.


1. Thrilled. Holder set criteria. Found it. Owned it. Ford was our coach because "What do you think?"

2) We're 9-9.

3) Win. The last kiss-ass had students to his house, etc.  Win... Be the Midwestern dude you are and it'll work.

The alumni folks drive me nuts cause I disagree. It's internal. Kansas doesn't have to fake it.


1) Outside of Gregg Marshall, there was no one else I'd rather have. 9/10

2) Since I'm the optimist in this group (I guess) I'll say over, although I think 10 wins is a good estimate. Just because we hired a good coach doesn't make the Big 12 any easier. I'd be thrilled with 10 wins in conference as long as 1 of them is Oklahoma.

3) We need a center. I refuse to watch another season with Mitchell Solomon as the starter. Don't overdo it, Brad. Take it all in stride. Enjoy Stillwater, it's the greatest place on Earth.


1) I'm moderately excited. I'm with Gallagher. I would have liked to see them make a stronger push for Gregg Marshall, but I think Underwood is a solid coach.

2) I'm going with 8-10. Until we get more depth (and specifically more height), Forte and Evans will have to carry this team and I think that might get exposed against the better teams in the league.

3) Definitely need to recruit some forwards and centers. Ford was notorious for recruiting good guards and small forwards and just getting average big guys. We just need a few guys down there that don't make us cringe every time they get the ball.


1) I think Underwood was the best realistic candidate out there. Whether or not you wanted Doug, Mike Holder was not going to take that risk. Agree with his assessment or not.

Underwood is a great hire. He was the hottest name as far as "up-n-comers" go. You can't deny that or his success. You can question his conference but what was he supposed to do? Schedule Michigan St and Duke twice a year? He coached the team he had and beat the teams in front of him. How will that translate in the Big 12? I don't know. But I'm excited to watch and find out.

2) I go over. Why not? Assuming he keeps all his team, which he should. I am excited to see Jawun Evans play again. That was cut short which contributed to the sour taste most OSU fans had watching the end of this season. I'm also looking forward to seeing Phil Forte back where he should be off the ball. Remember 2014? He spent so much of the shot clock running around screens past half court that he and the OSU offense were buried. He needs to play with a playmaker like Evans and I think we will see those Phil "Money-Balls" again.

3) Underwood needs to connect with the students and fans. He seems to be interested in that, so far. I'm looking forward to his press conference later today. I'm not saying he needs to take selfies all day. Just let the fans no why they should pony up the dough for season tickets. Impart to us why you want to be here and why it will be better.


1) I feel like it's a good hire. Doug would have been an exciting hire. This was the safe hire. Knowing Holder, the decision to go with the latter does not surprise me one bit, but I am satisfied with the decision.

2) 10. Is that too optimistic? Maybe compared to 2015 it is, but I think that's pretty reachable. 

3) Start installing his schemes and philosophies. Defensively, it will be about the same, maybe with more trapping and pressing. Offensively, any motion offense takes time to learn and understand. Underwood has a lot of offense that he's bringing with him. It can't be learned overnight.


1) Good but not great hire. Underwood will need his time like any coach to get his recruits in. I'll give it a B+ grade.

2) I'll say 8-10. Lets not get our expectations too high. 

3) Buy a nice house.