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Unsweet Sixteen Open Thread

This is as unsweet as watching the prom from outside the gym with no date.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The dance is starting back up again after a short intermission, this time with a lot less people returning. Good, or not so good thing? We've still got some friends dancing.

Today, Oklahoma will take on Texas A&M in what should be a pretty darn good game and Kansas will try to take down Maryland shortly after. Tomorrow (Friday), the Cyclones will take on Virginia.

Now, obviously you're (probably) not going to run around chanting Boomer, Rock Chalk or say something a Cylcone would say(...?) but we've got a few questions for this rounds open thread.

  • Which Big 12 team do you want to win the most? Doesn't have to mean you're rooting for them, but if you are that's OK too.
  • Do you believe in conference pride?
  • Which Big 12 team do you THINK will actually make it to the elite eight?
  • Also, how are your brackets? We know they're not perfect, but hey, no one is.