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PODCAST: CRFF The Show, Ep. 1 - 3/25/16

In the first edition of CRFF The Show, Cade Webb dives into what Brad Underwood brings to the table, and how that impacts Oklahoma State basketball.

These are fun times for the site. With technology being a revolving door of new opportunities, CRFF has been hard at work to find new ways to bring you the latest Oklahoma State sports news.

With that being the case, CRFF launched a Periscope broadcast just over a month ago, and you can check that out every Monday and Thursday at 9 P.M. CST on Periscope. The link is tweeted and posted on Facebook at the beginning of every broadcast. On Periscope, viewers can just sit back and watch, voice comments or concerns, and provide feedback. It is a very interactive way for us to reach you. If you are unable to carve out 30 minutes of your busy schedule, don't worry...

CRFF is excited to announce that we will be recording the Periscope broadcasts, and bringing them to you in the form of a podcast. After the conclusion of each Periscope, you will be able to get the audio of that show if you weren't able to join us.

You can listen to Episode 1 of CRFF The Show here: