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PODCAST: CRFF The Show, Ep. 2 - Underwood, Football, and More

Another Monday, another podcast...

The first inaugural episode of CRFF The Show was a blazing success, thanks to all of our fine readers. Today, we bring you a brand new installment of the podcast.

If you are unaware, Cade Webb and CRFF host a Periscope/Facebook live stream every Monday and Thursday at 9 PM CST. For those of you who are unable to tune in to the show at the time, don't fret. Every episode is recorded live with minimal editing to give you the same interactive experience you'd get on the stream.

In this episode of the podcast, Cade dives into the nuances of the Brad Underwood hire, the concern for the defensive line, and even some March Madness.

You can listen to episode two here:

If you like to skip around, here are the highlights of the show:

2:00: We discuss the fan reaction to the Brad Underwood hire, and explains the depth at which you should look at the hire.

7:45: Cade thinks his microphone cuts out, but it didn't, and then he proceeds to look like an idiot.

10:45: Cade dives in to the defensive side of the football, and details key departures, returnees, and potential contributors.

21:20: We talk briefly about the Final Four.

24:05: Cade tells you just how much he hates OU.