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Chalk Talk: How Jawun Can Thrive in Set Plays

Last week, we looked at Brad Underwood's motion offense. For this week's Chalk Talk, we will look at how sophomore point guard Jawun Evans can thrive in the new offense by looking at one of Underwood's most-used set plays at Stephen F. Austin.

This play is a clearout side ball screen between a forward and one of the guards. It involves both an on-ball and off-ball screen as well as good spacing and movement.


Similar to how the ball is swung to set up for the motion offense, the ball is swung to set up for the side pick and roll. The diagram above shows the ball being passed from G2 to G4 to G3.


G4 then runs toward the baseline and cuts toward the basket. There will be times when this option is open, but the main reason for this action is to clear out the side of the court in preparation for the ball screen.

Ball Screen

The forward comes from his opposite block to set his ball screen right off the heels of the cutting guard. After the screen, he can either roll toward the basket or fade toward the three point line. The previously cutting guard (G4) receives a screen by G1 and runs toward the opposite corner. Depending on how his defender reacts, G1 can then either cut toward the basket or lift toward the free throw line after his screen.

Here's a GIF where the play ends in an open jump shot for the forward:

Side Pick and Roll

If no one takes a shot by the end of the play, the offense can just go to its main motion set.


The play gives the ball handler a number of options. He can take it to the basket himself, but he also has a number of players whom he can pass to if the defense collapses. With a talented ball handler like Jawun, expect for this play, or plays like it, to be a staple for the Cowboys this season.

That was this week's Play of the Week! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!