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CRFF Roundtable: Final Four Edition

Our staff's picks for the Final Four, b-ball transfers and Gundy's newcomers.

Al Bello/Getty Images
1)      Your Final Four picks. (‘Nova vs. oU, UNC vs. the ‘Cuse). Champion?
2)      Brad Underwood seems to coach his players tough. Do you see any current OSU players transferring out?
3)      The Cowboy football team is in the middle of spring practice. Which newcomer are you most excited to see?

As always, thanks for reading and leave us your answers in the comments below.


1) I'm going to go with 'Nova strictly with the hope that OU will not win it.

2) I don't, especially considering that Jawun and Phil are staying. If they do, I guess they're not tough enough.

3) Barry. 'Nuff said.


1) I'll take OU. I'd love to see Buddy win.

2) I think Jawun and Mitchell both leave. Heard rumblings on both of them and I think they're gone.

3) I am pumped to see Barry. I think that's the obvious choice. He could take this team to the next level.


1) OU / SU...Then I want OU to lose in the most miserable, heart-breaking way possible, to a team in orange.

2) If they do, this is my only advice...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

3) Hope springs eternal, but falls flat later. Call me when they start playing games. That's when I'll be excited. Oh...and Barry J.


1) OU vs. UNC. UNC wins the National Championship.

2) I'll be curious to see what happens with Dillard. I wouldn't mind seeing Ibaka go somewhere else.

3) Derrick Moncrief

Also, Jawun leaving? I thought word was he'd be back?


1) OU over Nova, UNC over Syracuse, OU winning it all. Please, please, please prove me wrong.

2) I really don't know nor do I really care. Jawun, Phil, Carroll, and Hammonds aren't going anywhere. I'm not too worried about anyone transferring, but I am curious to see who all transfers to Oklahoma State. Underwood's son has already transferred, perhaps we'll see more.

3) Of course the obvious answer is Barry, but I'm really curious to see Tramonda Moore, Larry Williams, and Shane Richards. Basically anyone who can step in and compete for an offensive line position.


1) OU going to win this damn thing against UNC.

2) Not currently. But MAYBE Joe Burton could?

3) Anyone on the offensive line.


1) I say UNC beats OU in the championship game.

2) I have no feel for this. I can only assume until we hear otherwise, no one. It will be interesting to see the Davon Dillard situation play out.

3) Larry Williams. Simply because guard was probably the biggest weakness overall for the Cowboys last year. Barry J. is an obvious choice, as well. Madre Harper in the secondary also comes to mind.