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Oklahoma State Vs. Kansas State Recap: Ford's Swan Song?

Yes, it's been worse. But you're probably not old enough to remember.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

In 1986-87, Mike Tyson won his first boxing title, Pixar Animation Studios opened and the movie "Top Gun" was released in theaters.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys also started and finished a season with a record of 8-20, the last time the school would win less than 14. For the next 28 years, the teams that came in and out of Gallagher-Iba Arena were able to keep from hitting that low mark. However, the 2015-16 team has officially hit it.

The Cowboys came into the game against Kansas State with an 11-0 all-time record in the first round of the Big 12 tournament. But the energy coming from the team in black didn't show that, instead it was a display of a tired group of student-athletes prepared to take a long break until next year. The first half was slow, at one point OSU was down to the Wildcats 12-8, an obvious indication that the Wildcats were only two games better than the horrid Cowboys.

As OSU slugged on to half, they would go into the break down 40-23. A team who's coach could potentially be booted as early as next week needed a bump if they wanted to extend the season, if only for one game.

Something said during that half may have done it. As the Cowboys attempted to claw back in the second half, the Wildcats continued to play well enough to stay in the lead. Then with about a minute and a half left, the Cowboys had brought the lead within six, the closes the game had been since the early goings when it was stuck at 9-4.

However as Wildcat Wesley Iwundu missed both free throws to put it up eight again, KSU was able to grab the unexpected rebound by the horns and force another foul from OSU.

Then, with under 10 seconds remaining, the Cowboys were within four points. That wouldn't be enough though. Whether it be talent, coaching, the way the wind blew or whatever, Travis Ford and the Cowboys lost another one, this one with a score of 75-71, maybe the last one, but that's something for another post.

Oklahoma State's season is likely over, as it is not expected they accept or get offered any postseason play opportunities.