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A Dinner With T. Boone Pickens

Mr. Pickens is a nice guy. So why wouldn't you want to drop this pretty dime to spend a night with him?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, Boone Pickens is known for much more than just having his name on a Division I football stadium in Oklahoma. He's got a name on a building on campus as well, oh and he's a pretty rich guy thanks to the energy industry.

So the OSU Alumni Association and The Orange County Chapter are hosting "An Evening With Boone Pickens" because, why not?

Here's a little tidbit from the site:

"Dinner guests can enjoy cocktails at 5 p.m. with a sit-down dinner with Mr. Pickens beginning at 6 p.m.Dinner guests are welcome to stay and participate in the general discussion session. Executive dinner tickets are $1,500 per person and quantities are extremely limited."


That's a good amount of money. You could buy a Samsung 55-inch Smart Ultra HD Television from Best Buy, or almost five Xbox Ones or about four Playstation 4's(all before tax obviously). Here's some more things you can do.

  • At least one ticket off of StubHub for Kobe Bryant's last game in the NBA.
  • An iPhone 5s
  • One month rent for an apartment in New York City (and not a good one)
Good thing is, the money is going to a good cause. Any students going to OSU from the county will be aided by the funds. So instead of buying some of that cool stuff and spend it on this dinner, maybe. Besides, if you're spending that much for the ticket, it has to be a dang good dinner.