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PODCAST: CRFF The Show (Ep.4) - Basketball News, Masters, and More

In this episode of CRFF The Show, Cade dives into some new information on the basketball front, Rickie Fowler's disastrous Masters, and more.

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Another Monday, another episode of CRFF The Show. After a week off, the show is back on it's regular schedule, every Monday at 9 PM. If you are unaware, CRFF hosts a Periscope as well on Monday's at the same time that allows viewers the chance to interact with the host of CRFF The Show, Cade Webb.

You can listen to episode four of CRFF The Show here:

If you like to skip around, here are the highlights from episode four:

3:00: Cade shares some Cowboy basketball news that you probably didn't see during the day. James Dickey will not be retained by Brad Underwood, according to media reports. Davon Dillard has also been practicing with the team, after having been suspended indefinitely.

7:40: Cade shares some information on potential transfers to OSU, Tyson Jolly and Justin Simon.

10:40: Cade is shocked about Rickie Fowler's performance in The Masters, but begs you to not overreact.

20:45: Cade answers questions from listeners in the rapid fire portion of the show.