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CRFF Roundtable: Spring Game Edition

Our staff looks forward to the spring game, Ogbah's draft stock and Underwood's staff.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

1a) What do you hope to learn from the spring game?

1b) Can you actually learn anything from a spring game?

2)  Ogbah's draft stock: Where you got E-Man going?

3) What are your thoughts on Underwood's staff?

As always, thanks for reading and give us your answers in the comment section below.


1a) I want to see how we run the ball and the tempo that the offense sets. Also, wanna see how the secondary plays.

1b) No. I won't learn any of that.

2) Late 20's. Scouts don't think he has any moves and that he needs to be developed. Could slip into second round. 

3) It's going to be a great recruiting class. Now we just have to see if they can coach.


1a) How much fat did Robert Allen burn during hibernation?

1b) See 1a.

2) Don't care, as long as it's a team that plays Cleveland. If you can't figure out why, I can't help you.

3) It's the greatest staff Brad Underwood has ever assembled at OSU.


1a) We should be able to see an improvement on the offensive line. Just stay healthy.
1b) Eh, not really.

2) There's no doubt he has first round potential. The man is a sack machine. However, a lot of NFL GM's don't have an OSU bias like me. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't go first round. I'd be disappointed, but as long as he isn't drafted by Cleveland, he'll have a shot in the NFL.

3) No complaints yet.  I'm more worried about players transferring.  However, as long as it's not any of the starters, I won't lose too much sleep.


1) For offense, I say all eyes on the run game. Defensively, I want to see how the linebackers and cornerbacks perform.

2) Ogbah goes in the late first round or early second round.

3) I think the staff will do well this season. It has experience, familiarity for Underwood and a former Forte coach. Plenty of perks.


1) Well, Rennie Childs had like a 50 yard run in last year's spring game, so... No. I kid, but I usually don't put much stock in Spring Games. Most intriguing story line for me is how McCleskey does in the slot with more reps. Also excited to see the CB's.

2) I concur with Thomas. I think Ogbah goes in the late first round, early second round.

3) I think he put together a pretty solid staff. The addition of Danny Henderson was out of left field, but after reading about him, I think it was a great hire for recruiting. He's a Texas HS legend. Lamont Williams is the most intriguing hire though, and it makes the most sense. He spent a few years with Underwood at SC.


1a) What the backups look like. The starters almost never try, and that's fine. The backups - specifically the third stringers - are fighting for playing time/not to be redshirted. They'll try pretty hard and we may see a bit of what they can do.

1b) Other than that, not really. It's a glorified scrimmage.

2) Around 30

3) It's a good staff. Dickey should've been retained but whatever, I can't make decisions.


1a) I want to see if the offensive line has improved (obvious answer). I also want to see Keenen Brown in his new position at Cowboy Back and how he moves after putting on so much mass. I think he could be an x-factor for the offense next year.

1b) Probably not.

2) I think he will go mid to late first round. I have felt really good about a few recent OSU draft prospects and have mostly been proven wrong. I think he can buck the trend. He's got the skills but may get overlooked due to conference bias... which I think is mostly earned. Regardless, Ogbah makes plays and playmakers will get their opportunities. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, as well.

3) I think it looks good. But they all do at this point. I can see both sides on the Dickey situation. He's been here off and on for so long, but he's been here for so long. Point is, I get it if Underwood wanted a completely fresh start.

Honestly, I think it's hard to judge any of them at this point. From a basketball standpoint, I'm sure they are all qualified. Past that, how does Underwood lead and how do the assistants connect with the players? I think if you are going all in on a new head coach you might as well just fall in line with his staff choices and see where the chips fall.