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Mike Gundy Ignored By ESPN For Jim Harbaugh

I'm not sure he was the first, but Gundy sure was before one of ESPN's favorite guys.

Drake, yes the rapper Drake, has a new album. "Views From The 6" will have an album cover featuring Drake sitting on top of the CN Tower.

Now, Mike Gundy, coach of OSU and obvious social media savant, put this picture up on his Twitter at 3:33 this afternoon.

It's a great way to recruit and kind of funny, and you'd think since he coached one of the two teams who played in this years Sugar Bowl, it would've gotten some attention.

Unless you're ESPN. Then you'll just wait for a coach you like to put up there. Michigan put this one up of Harbaugh on top of their place...

If we're being honest, Stillwater looks like a pleasant place to enjoy a football game while Ann Arbor looks like Gotham in Arkam Knight. But regardless, they're pretty cool, I guess. It just seems ESPN threw away Twitter rarity in Gundy for something we see all the time in Harbaugh.