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PODCAST: CRFF The Show (Ep. 3) - Underwood Assistants, UNC/Nova and More

In this episode of CRFF The Show, Cade Webb takes a look at the new assistant coaches, the national title game, and drops a surprise segment.

We are ever-so-slowly grinding into the offseason. With that, our podcast takes a new form. We will continue to discuss Oklahoma State athletics, but we may occasionally pepper in a few curveballs. In this weeks episode, we talked about some different things, the majority of which have to do with Oklahoma State athletics.

Brad Underwood has named three assistants to his new staff, Villanova/UNC was the greatest basketball game of all time, and The Walking Dead's season finale was the single best episode of the show yet... for the first hour and 29 minutes. You can get Cade's take on all of that here:

If you like to skip around, here are some of the highlights from Episode 3:

3:08: Cade introduces the new assistant coaches on Brad Underwood's staff.

8:30: Cade is really mad about Eddie Sutton being passed up for the Hall of Fame... Again.

10:30: Reaction to Villanova/UNC, and the Crying Jordan Meme breaking the internet.

20:15: SPOILER ALERT: We take a completely different direction and discuss the season finale of The Walking Dead.

29:15: Cade answers questions from listeners in the rapid fire segment.