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PODCAST: CRFF The Show - Burton Gone, 'Crootin and Breakfast Foods (Ep. 6)

In this episode, Cade discusses Joe Burton transferring, recruiting news, and their favorite breakfast foods.

Another day, another episode of CRFF The Show. In this episode, Cade dives into Joe Burton transferring, Chuba Hubbard and recruiting news, and more.

Yesterday, Joe Burton announced via his Instagram that he is transferring from OSU. The decision from Burton to transfer balances the roster, in terms of scholarships. Burton issued this statement:

"After thinking long and hard, my family and I decided it would be best for me to part ways with Oklahoma State..."

Listen to the podcast below to find out where he intends to transfer.

If you like to skip around the podcast, here are some of the highlights:

1:22: Cade shares some exciting news about the podcast. Thanks to all of last week's listeners, as you obliterated the record for listens on a CRFF podcast.

2:37: Cade dives in to the news of Joe Burton transferring, and talks about a potential transferee from SFA.

7:16: In the longest portion of the show, Cade talks about the addition of JD King and Chuba Hubbard to the 2017 recruiting class.

11:30: Can OSU hold onto them? Cade dives into a glaring issue with recruiting in today's world.

19:40: Cade brings in a guest, who is back by popular demand, for rapid fire.

28:01: Cade and Ashlyn discuss their favorite cereals.