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Brad Underwood Sits Down with Burns Hargis for Half-Hour Interview

Get to know the new head coach of the Cowboys a little better.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Underwood continues to impress the OSU faithful. With a loaded schedule including recruiting visits, Cowboy Caravans across the midwest, and practices, Underwood has jumped in head first and has completely embraced the culture of Oklahoma State University.

We know a lot about Underwood. He has been transparent and honest in the way he feels about Oklahoma State. In a 30-minute interview with President Burns Hargis, Underwood goes into more detail about his new gig than we have ever heard from him before.

Underwood talked at length about his coaching background, his family life, and how he fits at Oklahoma State.

Sidenote: Is Brad Underwood a better fit for Oklahoma State in the first three months than Travis Ford was in eight years?

Here are some notable quotes from Underwood in the interview with President Hargis:

On Gallagher-Iba Arena: "This is the rowdiest arena in America. I know how intimidating it was as a player, and you were in awe of it ... I remember telling Frank [Martin], 'wait until you see this place.'"

On his new staff: "They're great family people. They're gonna fit, not just our staff, but they're gonna fit in the Oklahoma State and Stillwater communities."

On his new roster: "I've been so impressed. It's been a true blessing getting to know these young men. They want to be good. They want to work ... They're really good people ... It's my job to get to know them, and to try to help them achieve their goals, and to figure out a plan to help them get there, not just individually, but collectively as a group. The first month has gone as well as I could expect. I'm excited about getting them on the floor in the fall."

We're excited, too, coach.