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Buy or Sell: The OSU Golf Team Will Win Their 11th National Title

OSU is still a golf school.


The OSU Men's golf team is heading back to the NCAA tournament after winning its NCAA-leading 11th regional. But do they have a shot at a National Title?

Let's take a look.


The Cowboys won the Stillwater Regional by 19 strokes, the team's fourth win of the season.

We all know about the Cowboy golf team's history of success. They own the second most NCAA golf titles (Houston has 16, and I'm not counting NIGA titles.)

The Cowboys have some reason to believe in this team: They won four tournaments and had three runner-up finishes. Brendon Jelley, Kristoffer Ventura, Stratton Nolen all won individual championships, with Ventura winning twice. OSU also has three players ranked in the top 40.


It's been 10 years since the Cowboys have won the title. Yes, they've finished runner-up twice since then (2010 and 2014).

This was an OSU team that finished a distant second in the Big 12 tournament to Texas, who is ranked number one and considered the favorite to win the title. They also have three players ranked in the top 20.

That's just Texas. That doesn't take into account Illinois and Stanford.

So... Buy or sell? Does Oklahoma State win their 11th National Golf title?