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Watch: Mason Rudolph Interview

Mason Rudolph talks about 2016, his off season and his chances in next year's draft.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Rudolph is enjoying some much welcomed time off in his hometown of Rock Hill, SC. But the junior quarterback did take some time for the local Rock Hill cable channel to do an interview.

Here are a couple of tidbits.

Here's Mason on how things are going at Oklahoma State.

"We had a pretty good year last year. Went 10-3. Got a lot of guys back for this coming year."

His summer hasn't just included chillin' with Rickie.

"I'm excited. I'm trying to stay in shape back home and doing a little bit of throwing and working out and be prepared for when I get back."

When asked about the recent Bleacher Report article naming Rudolph as (possibly) the second best quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

"Yeah, I'm just really focused on Oklahoma State football. Like I said, I can't wait to get back to school... It's (the NFL) always been a dream of mine and I'm definitely gonna work to get there at whatever point that happens."

Rudolph was a Top 20 passer last season with 3,770 yards, 21 touchdowns and 9 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 149.04 (all while "super backup" J.W. Walsh took the majority of the red zone snaps and incidentally a big chunk (13) of the passing touchdowns.)

"You know really not even focused on that. Focused on taking every day, one day at a time and trying to be the best I can to help my team win."

This kid is amazing. No, really.

We sometimes rag on guys like Rudolph who seem to "toe the company line". But if you know enough about him, you know he is not faking. His answers seem well thought out and most importantly sincere. He can be my team captain any day.

Check out the complete interview with Damaris Bruce of CN2 below.