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Buy or Sell? OSU Reaches the College World Series

The Cowboys started slow but picked up some momentum late. Do they have what it takes to go all the way?


Josh Holiday is in his fourth season leading the Cowboys' baseball team, and while we would all saw his career so far has been a success, one thing has remained outside of his reach. The College World Series. Holiday has reached the post season all three years, but has only made a Super Regional once (2014 when they lost at home to UC Irvine).

This is not a complaint in anyway toward Holiday. The OSU alumni has been great for the program and has continued to recruit extremely well, but so far OSU has yet to reach the promised land with him at the helm. So, as we head into the postseason of Holiday's fourth year, let's look at why OSU will or will not, reach the College World Series.



Oklahoma State heads into the postseason finishing in the top two in the Big 12 for the fourth straight season. They have the two seed in the Big 12 Tournament, which could mean another championship game appearance for OSU. The Cowboys head into the post season with the best pitching in the league, tied with TCU with a 3.19 ERA, and have three pitchers in the top seven, including lead leading Thomas Hatch (2.10, 41st nationally). Hatch also had the third most strikeouts, and three shutouts. The Cowboys were also road warriors this year, finishing 15-7 away from home, including 10-2 in conference. That will come in handy in the post season.


As great as OSU's pitching is, the hitting is a concern. The Cowboys finished last in the league in batting average at .259. While Dustin Williams led the team in home runs (14), not a single OSU player finished top 10 in runs scored. Then there's the record against the top teams. Against teams in the top 25 RPI, OSU went 2-7 (2-1 vs TCU, 03 vs TTU, 0-3 vs North Carolina) and just 11-9 against 26-100. Plus, it would be a surprise if OSU were to host a regional this year with a current RPI ranked 28th. That means they'll have to head out on the road, and while they've been good away from home in conference, they were just 5-5 out of conference in away games.

It will be a struggle for the Cowboys to make the World Series, but it's not impossible. They reached the Super Regional in 2014 after winning a regional on the road. If the team gets hot at the right time, and the pitching staff is at the top of their game, then the team has a decent chance.