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Cowboys Offer 2019 TE Grayson Boomer

The Cowboys hope to get an early in with a big tight end prospect, emphasis on BIG.

Oklahoma State's Cowboy Back coach Jason McEndoo has been hitting the recruiting trail hard and is visiting some in-state prospects.

But it also looks like McEndoo is looking to the future as he just offered Collinsvile (OK) tight end Grayson Boomer for 2019, per the freshman's Twitter account.

At 6-foot-6, 230-pound, the HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN!!! obvious has some tangibles to work with. Boomer already has offers from Iowa State and Nebraska, as well.

He plays both defensive end and tight end, but I'm going to assume the Cowboys are looking at him for Cowboy Back.

OSU didn't gain a single recruit for the position in 2016 but moved wide receivers Keenen Brown and Cole Neph over to Cowboy Back.

Check out Grayson's Hudl highlights.