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A Call for Contributors

Greetings, Oklahoma State fans.

My name is Cade Webb, and I am the new site manager for Cowboys Ride For Free. I haven't formally introduced myself as manager on the site, but a majority of you already know that CRFF has undergone some massive changes, leaving myself as site manager. Managers have moved on, contributors have as well, and that leaves us here.

CRFF is looking for contributors. If you're an Oklahoma State fan with a passion for orange, and a knack for writing, then we'd love to talk to you. We are accepting applications for contributions for all sports, but here are a few positions that CRFF is looking to fill immediately:

  1. Columnists: You know what they say about opinions... We all have them, and they're usually awesome. At least that's how I think it goes. We are looking for columnists who can contribute at least once a week, and write opinion pieces in a coherent manner.
  2. Recruiting Specialist: I know there are some recruiting nuts out there. I've seen you. CRFF is looking for a contributor to handle breaking recruiting news, recruiting roundups, and anything else in the world of 'crootin.
  3. General Contributors: The beauty of writing at CRFF is the ability to write about (pretty much) anything you want. If you have an opinion on the offensive line, you can write it. If you have a scorching take on the baseball team, you can write it. CRFF is looking for contributors who are well-versed in all Oklahoma State athletics. If you are interested in covering a beat (i.e. OSU Golf), then that makes it all that much better.

You can submit all writing samples to cadewebb88[at]gmail[dot]com. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding these openings. You can tweet me questions @CowboysRFF or @CWebb_CRFF.

Thank you.