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Making the Team: David Glidden - Atlanta Falcons

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Emmanuel Ogbah was the only OSU player drafted this year, but there are others with opportunities to make a roster.

David Glidden was one of three Cowboys to agree to terms with an NFL team after the draft, signing with the Atlanta Falcons. He'll attend the team's rookie camp, where he'll likely be looking to make the cut as an inside receiver, the same position he played in college. It's not easy for any undrafted player to make a team, but it's definitely not impossible. So lets look at his chances.

Here's a look at Glidden stats:

2015: 57 rec / 866 yds / 15.2 gm / 3 TD

2014: 42 rec / 598 yds / 14.2 gm / 2 TD

Career: 114 rec / 1,655 yds / 14.5 gm / 6 TD

While the numbers might not blow you away, Glidden did lead the team in receptions in 2014 and was second in receiving yards. He was a reliable slot receiver who the offense often went to when it needed a 3rd down completion. Plus according to teammates, Glidden is highly intelligent.

But despite all that, he might have a hard time landing with the Falcons, who are set to have a deep receiving corp next year of players who's names you've likely heard of (players in bold are no longer on the team).

Here's a look at last season's receiving stats for Atlanta:

Julio Jones (WR): 136 rec / 204 tar / 1,871 yds / 8 TD

Jacob Tamme (TE): 59 rec / 82 tar / 657 yds / 1 TD

Devonta Freeman (RB): 73 rec / 97 tar / 578 yds / 3 TD

Rowdy White (WR): 43 rec / 70 tar / 506 yes / 3 TD

Leonard Hankerson (WR): 26 rec / 45 tar / 327 yds / 3 TD

Justin Hardy (WR): 21 rec / 36 tar / 194 yds / 0 TD

Atlanta lost two of it's top three players at the position in White and Hankerson. However Devin Hester will be returning from turf toe that made him miss most of last season (in 2014 he was 4th on the team in receiving). In the offseason Atlanta picked up Mohamed Sanu, who was the fifth leading receiver for Cincinnati last year, but had a very productive 2014 season when A.J Green and Marvin Jones were out for the Bengals. They also drafted a receiver in the 7th round; Devin Fuller from UCLA.

Atlanta also has a lot of young guys already on the roster, including two guys heading into their 2nd year in the league.

It's going to be tough for Glidden to make the team, especially to see the field. However I believe his intelligence and reliability as a go to receiver for OSU certainly help improve his chances of at least making the practice squad.

If it doesn't work out in Atlanta, here's hoping he finds another landing spot.

Atlanta's rookie camp gets underway on Friday.. For updates you can check out the Atlanta Falcons blog thefalcoholic