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MLB Draft Recap: 11 Cowboys Taken



Day 1

Unfortunately, no Cowboys were taken on day 1 of the draft. The Philadelphia Phillies had the first pick of the draft, and chose the high school outfielder out of Carlsbad, California, Mickey Moniak. Good for the Phillies. I mean, I’ll give you a dollar if you can name a current Philly who's name isn’t Ryan Howard. (No, Jimmy Rollins does not play for the Phillies anymore.)

Day 2

Here we go! Day 2 saw five Cowboys being chosen.

Thomas Hatch, RHP - Chicago Cubs - Round 3, 104th Pick

First Cowboy off the board is All-American pitcher, Thomas Hatch. The Cubbies are getting a good one here. Hatch was 7-2 on the year, with a 2.16 ERA and 102 strikeouts. Check out his season stats here.

Donnie Walton, SS - Seattle Mariners - Round 5, 147th Pick

Donnie Walton is a true Cowboy. He has improved his batting average and on-base percentage every year for four years. The Mariners saw this improvement from year-to-year, and decided to give Walton the nod in the 5th round. From the 23rd round in 2015, to the 5th round this year, I’d say Walton has done an outstanding job of showing the MLB that he deserves a shot. Check out his career stats here.

Remey Reed, RHP - Miami Marlins - Round 6, 173rd Pick

The 6’5 righty, Remey Reed, was drafted by the Marlins in the 6th round. Since coming to OSU from Navarro College, Reed has put together two solid campaigns for the Cowboy’s squad. Throwing 81 innings in 2 seasons, opposing teams could only muster 23 total runs. The Marlins are going to be happy to see Reed progressing through their farm system. Check out his career stats here.

Garrett Williams, LHP - San Francisco Giants - Round 7, 215th Pick

An up and down season for Garrett Williams proved to be no worry for the San Francisco Giants as they selected Williams in the 7th round. With a nagging shoulder injury earlier in the season, Williams didn’t get to pitch as many innings as expected, but his promising arm was just too much to pass up. Check out his full stats here.

Tyler Buffett, RHP - Houston Astros - Round 7, 217th Pick

About as consistent as they come, Tyler Buffett gets taken in the 7th round. He has excelled in the OSU pitching staff over the past three seasons, but has stepped up for the Cowboys in 2016. This season, Buffett is 7-3 and has almost doubled his career strikeouts. Check out his season stats here.

Day 3

Trey Cobb, RHP - Chicago Cubs - Round 12, 374th Pick

Cowboys pitcher, Trey Cobb, pitched much better than his record showed. Cobb went 4-7, but had a 3.34 ERA with 91 strike outs. Check out his career stats here.

Michael Mertz, RHP - Miami Marlins - Round 14, 413th Pick

Senior, Michael Mertz, second season on campus has been solid. After not getting much playing time in 2015, he pitched 50 innings in 2016, with a 4.44 ERA and 58 strike outs. Check out his career stats here.

J.R. Davis, IF - St. Louis Cardinals - Round 15, 466th Pick

The leadoff hitter for the Cowboys, J.R. Davis, has excelled at the top of the order. Davis had a .360 batting average, and scored 41 runs. The Cardinals made a great choice in the 15th round. Check out his season stats here.

Colin Theroux, C - Oakland Athletics - Round 32, 952nd Pick

Although struggling at the plate, the Cowboy’s catcher did an outstanding job working with the pitching staff in 2016. The Oakland Athletics have noticed the defensive potential in Theroux, and have decided to pick him up in the 32nd round. Check out his season stats here.

Conor Costello, RHP/OF - L.A. Dodgers - Round 32, 971st Pick

I’m not a professional scout or anything, but the Dodgers seem to be getting a real steal this low in the draft. It may be the relevancy talking, but his draft postion seems low to us over here at CRFF. Take us to the promised land, Conor!!! Check out his career stats here.

Dustin Williams, 1B - Pittsburgh Pirates - Round 36, 1095th Pick

Rounding out the Cowboys draft picks, our powerful first baseman, Dustin Williams. Williams has hit 23 home runs in his OSU career, and could prove to be a powerful prospect in the future for the Pirates. Check out his career stats here.