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Check Out: ESPN looks at the Explosion of College Football Helmets

We all like a good helmet/uni combo. ESPN went into the equipment room to see what all goes into the helmet race.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN looks at the ever competitive helmet (and uniform) race in college football and of course Oklahoma State is right at the forefront.

They questioned several schools' equipment managers, including OSU's Wes Edwards about everything from the cost of a new set of helmets to how they unveil them to the team.

We'll wear 'em once in practice, maybe twice, before we wear 'em in a game. I wouldn't really be comfortable with doing one of those "surprise helmet" games, where the players have never worn the helmets before. We want them to wear that helmet before game day.

This from Edwards on the safety implications of wearing multiple helmets (see the NFL) was interesting.

...But personally, if a player has worn a new helmet in practice, and he's comfortable with it, I think it's fine. I'm all for safety, but I don't think that rule is necessary...

Check out the entire article here.