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Tweets of the Week: June 13-19

Check out last week’s Tweets of the Week!

It’s time for Tweets of the Week! In this weekly post, we will select and break down ten of the best tweets from the previous week in no particular order. Is your Twitter game strong enough to make Tweets of the Week?

In case you have been under a rock, the Oklahoma State University baseball team is in Omaha! We beat UC Santa Barbara on Saturday, and play Arizona today. The baseball team has taken over Twitter, and they are well represented in Tweets of the Week.

A hero during the super regionals, Ryan Sluder is now on Twitter! Go give him a follow!

QB1 giving some support to his fellow OSU athletes. How fast do you think Mason’s fastball is?

Recruiting guru, Marcus Arroyo, is in Omaha! Probably visiting a 5-star corn fed O-lineman on the way to the ball field.

"Oklahoma State just beat South Carolina. Sooooo... the "no alcohol" thing probably isn’t going to work out this year" - CWS Operations

If you haven’t heard about the baseball team’s unofficial mascot, Utropolis, you can follow him on Twitter @utrop4pokes

What a performance by Thomas Hatch and the rest of the crew in game 1. On to the next!


Alright, we’re off the baseball tweets for now. Junior is a Stanford graduate, and is now COMING HOME!!! Pistols Firing!!!

I know this isn't exactly a "Go Pokes!!!" tweet, but it's important. This is tough to see. Rickie has had a rough 2016, and the U.S. Open wasn’t any smoother as he missed the cut at +11. Despite his struggles, the future is still bright for our favorite golfer.

Matty Ice sounds like he just discovered the next Wes Welker... We've known it for years.


Gold! You all deserve to see this. Fantasy Football fanatics, take note. #UWitMe #OrUDontMatter