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Tweets of the Week: June 20-26 #CWSEdition

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The Pokes made an incredible run in the CWS, as they were one of the final 4 teams left standing. Our run ended short when we ran into the dangerous Arizona Wildcats. Twitter was on fire all week, and it was wayyy too good of a week to only pick ten tweets. Today’s TotW #CWSEdition will have all the greatest tweets from this past week. Did your tweet make the cut?



OMG, we know him!


Had to end it on that one!

...and there you have it, folks. The best CWS tweets from this past week. There were so many more amazing and supportive tweets, but this post can't be 100 tweets long. Sorry dudez... Anyways, we are proud of our squad, and can’t wait until our trip to Omaha next season! Go Pokes!