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PREVIEW: Oklahoma State vs. Clemson

Down 6-0 in the bottom of the third, the No. 9 Clemson Tigers stormed back to defeat Western Carolina 24-10 to set up a matchup with Oklahoma State.

Clemson, 43-18, is led by freshman Seth Beer, who is batting .372 and hit a grand slam in Friday’s win. The home run was the freshman’s 17th of the season. Clemson is winners of 10 straight and has scored at least 18 runs in back-to-back games. Yet, they did allow 10 runs to 31-30 Western Carolina. The Cowboys have the offensive fire power to outduel Clemson, but will need solid pitching to shut down the Tigers.

If the Cowboys are to reach the regional championship, they sure won’t want to play from behind. When Clemson has a lead heading into the seventh inning, the Tigers are 31-1 this season. Clemson is also 25-7 at home, and the Tigers will be playing in front of a sold out crowd tonight. Expect Clate Schmidt to get the ball for the Tigers tonight, while Jensen Elliot is the presumable starter for the Cowboys tonight.

The game is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight, but weather threats in the area could delay the game, although nothing is offficial.