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Tweets of the Week: July 5 - 10

Check out last week’s Tweets of the Week!

It’s time for Tweets of the Week! In this weekly post, we will select and break down ten of the best tweets from the previous week in no particular order. Is your Twitter game strong enough to make Tweets of the Week?

"will play in big lgs." You’re damn right, Jimbo!

Ohhhhh buddy. We got ourselves a good one here.

And someone wants to create the most dynamic receiving duo in college football. Can we go ahead an count this as a verbal commitment, Joshua? haha!

Oh wait, Travis wants to create the most dynamic OFFENSE in college football!!!!

Okay ‘croots! Don’t ever say I didn’t give y’all enough love on Tweets of the Week.



Father and son in the same Tweets of the Week. Junior is going to run for 1,000 and 10. Bet!

I see you J.R.!!!!

Football and cheese fries, that’s what Stillwater does!

We try to keep it all about sports around here, but this was too true to exclude. We are excited to watch Jordan lead our defense this upcoming season.