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Relive Mason Rudolph’s Performance vs. TCU

Bored at work? Watch this video of Mason Rudolph dismantling the TCU secondary at Boone Pickens Stadium. You’re welcome.

In case you didn’t know, our QB1, Mason Rudolph, has a real shot of playing on Sundays. Emanuel Addondi tweets out a gem of a video for

View the full video by clicking the link in Emanuel’s tweet below:

What a monster offense performance. HOW GOOD IS THIS KID!!!?!?!?!?! These two teams were walking into BPS undefeated, and only one was going to walk out that way. OSU secured a victory 49-29 as Rudolph ended the game with 352 yards and 5 touchdowns. Also, James Washington is too good. It’s not very fair for the other teams. That’s all I have to say about that.

Who’s ready for some football?!