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Jeff Newberry finished with Chinese tour, looking forward to pro career

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Former Oklahoma State guard Jeff Newberry just finished a tour playing basketball in China. He spoke with OSU Athletics about it here.

Interesting quote from Newberry on the difference in talent and that apparently moving screens are legal, which sounds way more fun to watch.

It's so much different. It's the Big 12 times two. Everyone plays so hard on every possession, especially the foreign players. They might not have as much talent as some, but they play so hard – 110-percent at all times – that it makes up for it. Another big difference is how you can screen over there. You don't have to be totally still like in the American college game, so the moving screen becomes part of the strategy. That's a game changer, as you could imagine.

Newberry on his upcoming pro career.

...We explored the NBA Summer League and NBA D-League route, but I just feel that at this time that I need the on-court experience that I can get playing overseas. I am currently exploring my options with teams in Italy, France, Macedonia, Serbia and Germany, and I hope to have something decided by the end of July.

Newberry is also the subject of an upcoming documentary entitled "Silence All Critics" by @kaptureblessingstudios. He shared this preview on his facebook page. Check it out.