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Is Markel Brown a possibility for the Golden State Warriors?

Are the Warriors eyeing another Oklahoma talent?

Zach Harper of CBS sports wrote up an article over the Golden State Warriors depth. With the signing of Kevin Durant, the Warriors must give up some depth to help compensate for Durant’s massive contract. Harper mentions a few potential players, and you may recognize one of the names.

"Markel Brown would be the cheap, young option for a team hoping to develop another Ian Clark-level rotation player. Maybe he's someone you can plug him in with main rotation players when Steve Kerr is feeling squirrely with his lineup decisions. Mostly, you're trying to turn a potential scrap heap guy into a valuable weapon of some type in short bursts."

Markel Brown was planning on returning back the Brooklyn Nets until the team decided to rescind the offer. Brown is now a free agent and looking for his next landing spot. Is Golden State in the mix?

Brown would most likely be an end of the bench guy on the Warriors, but he would be bound to play a ton of garbage-time minutes if he found himself on that super-team.

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